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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you size rings?
Yes, we size all different types of rings, bring yours in today for a free estimate!

How long does a repair usually take?
Depending on the complexity of the job, repairs can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks.
Our average lead time for most repairs is 1 WEEK.

Can I wait while my repair is done?
Yes!* The cost of our same-day repair service is $50 on top of your repair cost.
Same-day service is only available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

*Please note that not all repairs are eligible for same-day service.

Do you do engraving?
We do not currently offer engraving services.

Do you buy old Jewelry?
Yes, we buy old gold, silver, platinum, and costume jewelry. We also offer trade-ins for your old jewelry

Can I use my old jewelry to make something new?
Yes! we can use portions of your old jewelry, including all gemstones and diamonds, to create something new for you.

Do you offer written appraisals?
We do not currently offer written appraisals. If you want to get the general idea of what something is or how much it is worth, we offer verbal appraisals starting at $25.

Do you change watch batteries?
Yes, we use high-quality energizer replacement batteries that we guarantee for a year from the installation date.

Do you service Rolex watches?
Yes! we have a Rolex certified watch repairman that uses 100% OEM Rolex parts.
We also service all major Swiss, Japanese and American watches 

Do you have watch bands?
Yes, we stock watch bands in all of the common sizes.

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